Our journals change lives.

Our journals change lives.

The lowest prices, highest quality, and best service — guaranteed.

The lowest prices, highest quality,

and best service possible — guaranteed.

Retailer, business, church, or school?
We believe in you. Let us prove it.

Truly unique journals

  • Designed to transform the journaler's mindset, motivation, and success.

  • Wonderful to look at. Fantastic to use.

  • Made from the finest materials — with craftsmanship that journalers love.

  • Can be custom-branded for schools, churches, businesses, and events.

  • Printed in the USA.

Gunnar Simonson

Strategist, consultant, and speaker

I love these journals and the story behind why Michael and Janet created them. With their combined experience from decades of working with thousands within both the church and business worlds, they know people. And in this, they know how to connect with people in a way that will help them to grow faster, and deeper. That’s what these journals do. I love that about them as they seek to take what they’ve learned and to pay it forward. Thank you Michael and Janet for creating these powerful tools.”

Aaron Thomas

Owner, SalesGadget.io

"My wife and I LOVE these journals! They help us stay positive and focused on what really matters in the big picture of life. These journals have changed our lives!"

The best gratitude journal ever

Two signature journals that your people will LOVE . . .

  • Our mōdivation journal™

  • Our invisible bible journal™

Learn more, so you can stock up, sell out, and change lives . . .

The ultimate gratitude, attitude and altitude modifier.

Based on the latest neuroscience of how our minds, emotions, and bodies are designed, it helps journalers get them aligned — sparking unparalleled transformation from the inside-out. In a word, mōmentum . . .

Help your people stop struggling through life.

Much more than just a journal

The mōdivation journal™ is the ultimate journal to capture the day's events — before they happen.

The included companion videos teach journalers how to monitor and modify their mind, mood, and motivation, develop gratitude, do positive affirmations in healthy ways, prioritize goals, practice hospitality, and more.

Journalers learn how to use their words, posture, facial expressions, to permanently change their thinking, emotions, motivation, and habits.

The result? Living the way they were designed to live — with unstoppable happiness, fulfillment, and success in all areas of life.

Something great for everyone

Anyone who wants to push their personal development to the max will love the mōdivation journal™.

It's perfect for entrepreneurs and business professionals, leaders, students, and homemakers — anyone who just won't take "no" for an answer when it comes to squeezing the most out of life.

Why sell just a journal, when you can offer each customer a life-altering journey? The mōdivation journal™ gives every journaler the ride of their life.

Unstoppable mōmentum

Any old journal can get someone off to a good start — but only the mōdivation journal™ helps them cross the finish line.

Never again will your journalers wonder what to do to grow to the next level.

Give your people exactly what they need to create unstoppable mōmentum in every area of their lives.

Almost unseen. On purpose.

For those who want a pure, powerful, easy way to read and understand God's Word. Encourages enjoyable, consistent time with God that transforms every part of life . . .

God. Unfiltered.

This is much more than a great companion journal for Bible reading or study.

The included teaching videos show Bible-readers how to change their thinking about God, themselves, and the world — and how to live the way God wants them to live.

The invisible bible journal™ . . .

  • Removes distractions, clutter, and confusion when reading and understanding the Bible . . .

  • Helps stimulate the heart and soul, not just the mind.

  • Keeps the main thing the main thing: knowing God deeply, being transformed and putting what's learned into practice.

Minimalist design.

Maximimum impact.

Anyone who wants to understand the Bible, enjoy God, and change their life, will love the invisible bible journal™.

Its clean, minimalist design makes jumping in at any age or stage of life easy. This is because it keeps journalers focused on why they are reading the Bible in the first place: to focus on God, not a journal.

By highlighting the names and character traits of God, Bible-readers will be immersed in His presence.

Why offer just a journal when it comes to the most important pursuit in life? The invisible bible journal™ is exactly what Bible-readers need to deepen their walk with God and impact in life.

The invisible experience . . .

Each invisible bible journal™ includes free training videos to help Bible-readers consistently dive into God's Word with fresh enthusiasm and application.

This journal creates massive transformation that's anything but unnoticeable. Bible-readers won't struggle with knowing God, or how to put His Word into practice.

The invisible bible journal™ is designed so the Bible reader almost won't notice it's there — except for how they enjoy God and experience His transformative power.

There's nothing like the

invisible bible journal

experience. Bible reading — and enjoying God — will never be the same!

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